Elsie Marshall was an authentic southern soul.

She was your biggest supporter, your greatest comfort and a force to be reckoned with on every level. She taught us all the lessons necessary in life, like how to fry up some chicken and how to shoot a 12 gauge. She was the foundation of our family. A true American spirit. And the inspiration for this timeless Whiskey. 

— Kevin MaC

The Team

  • Kevin MaC

    Songwriter, National Touring Artist,  Entrepreneur, TikPik Co-Founder, Elsie Marshall’s grandson

  • Wyatt Durrette

    Restauranteur, Publisher, Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter, 14  #1 songs, 10 billion digital streams, 35+ million records sold

  • Richard Blackstone

    CEO of Blackstone Entertainment, Entrepreneur, Business Operator, Nurturer of creative talent

  • Roy Milner

    Blackberry Farm Brewery, Cask Catalyst Beverage Accelerator, Art of Alchemy Spirits